SYNOPSIS: Trip to Timbuktu is the story of Ana and Lucho, two teenagers who live in Peru. Their story of love, which starts in childhood, reveals the changes which took place in this country during the 80's. For them, the only way to survive in the middle of violence, poverty and lack of opportunities is through their love, a sort of refuge which has as its homeland an imaginary country called Timbuktu. Nevertheless, the reality will stand in their way and collapse their utopia.



Original title: Viaje a Tombuctú

Release Date: 29 May 2014 (Peru)

Runtime: 100 min.

Country: Peru - Argentina

Directed by: Rossana Díaz Costa

Production by: Rossana Díaz Costa (Tombuktu Films, Peru), Fernando Díaz, Julieta Graffigna (Machaco Films, Argentina)

Writing Credit: Rossana Díaz Costa

Music by: Abraham Padilla (Original Score) Con música de: Daniel F (canción original El pequeño refugio)Soda Stereo, Charly García, Indochine, Radio Futura, Leusemia, Voz Propia, JAS, Menudo.

Cinematography by: Gabriel Di Martino

Film Editing by: Eric Williams

Stars: Andrea Patriau, Jair García, Matilda Martini, Flavio Espinosa, Julio Palomino, Mónica Rossi, Élide Brero, Enrique Victoria

Production Companies: Tombuktú Films (Peru), Machaco Films (Argentina)

Genres: Drama

Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1

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  • Won Best Film - 8° Paris Film Festival of Peruvian's Films (2015)
  • Won Best Film - Pasto International Film Festival, Colombia (2014)
  • Nominated - San Diego Latin Film Festival 2014)
  • Nominated - Chicago Latin Film Festival (2014)
  • Nominated - Barranquilla International Film Festival, Colombia (2014)
  • Won Best Film - Uruguay Latin Film Festival (2013)
  • Won Audience Award - Lima Film Festival (2013)
  • Won Distribtion and Exibition Ministery of Culture (Perú, 2013)
  • Won Post Production INCAA (Argentina, 2012)
  • Won Ibermedia Coproduction (2011)
  • Selected Coproduction Foro San Sebastián Film Festival (2010)
  • Selected Script Development Fund Amiens Festival (2010)
  • Won the National Film Board (Perú) - Conacine (2010)
  • Scholarship Iberoamerican Film Project Development - Cervantes Institute (2009)
  • Won Ibermedia Development Award (2007 )
  • Scholarship Iberoamerican Film Project Development - Carolina Foundation, Madrid (2007)




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