SYNOPSIS: A man and a woman walking at night on a lonely street. A thief cut them off , and teaches them a razor. "Give me everything what you have, "he tells . The woman appears ready to obey, but the man is not the work...



Original title: Defensa propia

Release date: 2011

Runtime: 3:30 min.

Country: España

Director: Javier Ruiz

Production by: Javier Ruiz

Guión: Javier Ruiz

Cinematography by: Gabriel Di Martino

Montaje: Andrés Rosales

Stars: Laura Ros, Benito Jiménez Mateos, Luis María Garbayo.

Production Company: Oleniok Films

Genre: Comedia

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  • Novena edición del Notodofilmfest: Nominado al Gran Premio del Jurado y LAURA ROS y BENITO JIMÉNEZ nominados a la mejor interpretación.




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