SINOPSIS: a group of teenagers (Fabian and Luis Jimena) are the drivers of a TV show called " Paranormal World " and hire a seer (Oscar) to investigate the mythical "Matusita`s House" in Lima, Peru .


At night the four manage to enter the house and shut in until the next morning to record paranormal phenomena that occur there , but never returned. Six months later, they found the recordings of Fabian, which contained a large duration video uncut and unedited revealing what happened in the House Matusita ; the results were really



Original title: Secreto Matusita

Release Date: 2014

Runtime: 80 min.

Country: Peru

Directed by: Dorian Fernández-Moris

Writing Credits: Dorian Fernández-Moris

Cinematography by: Gabriel Di Martino

Stars: Bruno Espejo, Eduardo Ramos

Production Companies: AV Films

Genres: Terror




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