SYNOPSIS: the Fokker plane crash that led to the soccer team Alianza Lima still generates deep pain in generations. A forensic anthropologist receives new evidence that could give an unexpected twist to the fact , but a journalist is hired to prevent the case from being re- investigated . What lies behind it?



Original title: F-27, la película

Release Date: 4 December 2014 (Peru)

Runtime: 85 min.

Country: Peru

Directed by: Willy Combe

Writing Credit: Liliana Alvarez

Music by: Albert Swayne, Jhovan Tomasevich

Cinematography by: Gabriel Di Martino

Stars: Óscar López Arias, Hernán Romero, Karina Jordán, Franco Cabrera,

Oscar Carrillo, Pilar Brescia

Production Companies: La diosa Mystic Passion Films

Genres:  Thriller. Drama. History

Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1

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